Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hunt is On!!

Every year our family holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt. This year, despite the cold weather, we had a great time!

First we have lunch - so that everyone has the strength for the hunt. Then it is my Dad's job to keep the kids all inside while we adults hide all of the goodies outside. The waiting is UNBEARABLE for the kids, they all crowd around the door, hoping to be the first ones out.

When my Dad gets the "all clear" signal, he opens the door (at his own peril!) and the race is on!!

Sometimes, the younger ones need some "help", which is why my sister Hollie is racing out the door behind her youngest son.

Next, we have my sweet husband who is on the prowl with Madeline for some good stuff.

YES! Victory!


Michal said...

i love the new look! very jana. much more reflective of your personal style and good taste!:)
do you remember how the people at the eddie bauer at southtowne knew you by name? is that still true, or do you have a newer favorite store these days?

The Red Hen said...

Hi Michal,

Unfortunately now I am just another shopper at EB Southtowne. My wardrobe these days mostly consists of jeans and t-shirts (although cute t-shirts!) I mean what is the sense of being all cute if 5 minutes after you put it on your two year old wipes her nose on your shoulder?!? I am sure you can relate. I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can dress without considering the "snot factor".

Thank you so much for your help and suggestions w/ my blog - it makes a world of difference!

I also showed Jack your post w/ the Star Wars cupcakes - very cool! Now he wants me to make some for him!!