Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Super Hero

My son Jack is 4 and LOVES to dress up as Spiderman (either black or red) or Buzz Lightyear or Batman. Today when he got home from pre-school, he promptly changed out of his "normal" clothes and into Black Spiderman, along with a pair of cowboy boots to complete the outfit.

One night as he was getting ready for bed I noticed something sticking out from under his PJ's and asked him what it was. Here is what he showed me. . . .
Then last week as he was getting ready for church he asked for a hanger to hang up his Buzz Lightyear costume. I asked if he wanted any help and he said "No, I can do it". Later when I went in to see if he was dressed this is what I found. . . . .
Notice the Buzz Lightyear toy sticking up in the neck of his costume and the pant legs tucked into the cowboy boots!! Hysterical!! Yep, he's my Super Hero!!


Michal said...

kimball wore his buzz lightyear costume every day for at least four months after he got it. i remember going to the mall with buzz lightyear in tow.
my boys loved this post and i know that they would dig jack.