Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daily Madeline

Daily Madeline

Madeline woke up Sunday morning complaining that she was sick. I was immediately suspicious since she has been having a hard time going to her class. About 3 weeks ago she suddenly decided that she didn't want to go anymore and it has been a fight ever since then.

I asked her where she felt sick (meaning stomache, head, etc.). She thought about it for a minute and then said "I feel sick at church."

I had a good chuckle at that and then said, "well if you are sick, some part of your body doesn't feel good - is there some part of your body that doesn't feel good?"

Again thinking for a minute she said "My leg is sick - it has germs in it."

Mark leaned over to me and said "Does the term 'A Run for your Money' mean anything to you?"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh No the Big 4 - 0 !!

Yesterday was the big day - - I turned 40 and still lived to tell about it.

Then & Now:

Here is a picture of me 40 years ago - - haven't aged a bit have I?!?!? I actually tried to find a picture with both me and my parents in it. Since I am the oldest I figured that they would have TONS of pictures and they do have quite a few, but not so many with both of my parents in them. I guess Mom was always taking the pictures and Dad was the designated baby holder.
For those of you who read my previous post about my goals of "Four Before 40" (http://queenredhen.blogspot.com/2008/07/four-months-but-whos-counting.html) Here is an update on just how I did on those goals:

1. Loose weight - 140 by 40. Weelll, I didn't quite make this one (shocker right?!?) I am 4 lbs. away (what's 4 pounds among friends?). Anyway, I am not giving up on this goal. I don't know if I will ever weigh 140, but I would like to be more tone and loose the muffin top/bakery rolls that seem to have invaded my mid-section.

2. Do some cool physical feat. I chose the 112 mile bike ride around Utah Lake. For full details on this adventure click here: http://queenredhen.blogspot.com/2008/08/check-this-one-off-list.html

3. Add some culture and learn a new skill. I have been taking violin lessons since January of this year and will be playing the violin in church in December which is (gulp) only a few weeks away. I have been practicing The First Noel Pachelbel Canon like a crazy woman as I don't want to completely embarass myself and don't want the 12 year olds that I will be playing with to show me up. Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be an update.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff - learn to have fun with my kids. I am doing better at this. I think this is an ongoing thing though. The other day we were out running errands and my kids have been begging to go to Carl's Jr. for lunch for-EVER. We passed it and they asked again and I thought "Why not? The laundry can wait." That was such a small thing and didn't really take that much time out of my day, but they loved it and talked about it for the rest of the week.

I have to say I had a really great birthday. Mark and I went to dinner on Friday night at one of my favorite restaurants - Cafe Trio - in SLC. Then he totally surprised me with a night at the Grand America Hotel downtown! We have a friend who helped get us a really good room rate (Thanks Fred - you ROCK!!) and our room was amazing!

Here are some pics to show you just how much of a redneck I really am:

It had it's own sitting room.

There was a plate of elegant goodies.

Check this out - it's a piano made entirely out of chocolate with chocolates inside of it as well!! What more could a chocoholic want?

Then of course I had to try on the robe and slippers - soo nice!

When we got home the next morning my sisters had done some handiwork on my house.

And Jade added the finishing touch!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pics from our Halloween Festivities:
Carving Pumpkins

Jade & Willy working hard on cleaning theirs out!

Mark carving Madeline's crown (was there any doubt as to what she would choose?!?)

Jack with his IronMan Pumpkin

Jade & Willy's hard work paid off (it's a witch)

Jack & Madeline with her finished product.

Ohh Scary! Notice the "M" carved on top of the crown - yes her idea!

My nephew (aka "The Prince) at our family party - pretty sure he won the Best Costume Award!

Ready to go Trick-or-Treating!

Madeline's favorite prize of the night - aren't they lovely?

Best Halloween Quote:
When the kids got home Jack started to eat some of his candy and Mark told him to wait until he could check it. Jack's reply? "Why? So you can see if I got any good stuff?"

Witches Night Out

Each year I get together with my sisters, Mom and Aunt for Witches Night Out. This is where a bunch of otherwise grown-up, usually sane, women get together dressed as witches to eat, cackle, and shop.

It is lots of fun and if you love people watching this is definitely the place to do it. There are scary witches, cute witches and more than a few trampy witches! I mean really ladies - - it IS about 40 degrees outside, cover that UP!!

This year we decided to fore go some of the craziness and had dinner at my house before we went to the actual witches night festival. Here we are just before we hopped on our brooms. . . er. . got in our cars and drove into the night.