Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pics from our Halloween Festivities:
Carving Pumpkins

Jade & Willy working hard on cleaning theirs out!

Mark carving Madeline's crown (was there any doubt as to what she would choose?!?)

Jack with his IronMan Pumpkin

Jade & Willy's hard work paid off (it's a witch)

Jack & Madeline with her finished product.

Ohh Scary! Notice the "M" carved on top of the crown - yes her idea!

My nephew (aka "The Prince) at our family party - pretty sure he won the Best Costume Award!

Ready to go Trick-or-Treating!

Madeline's favorite prize of the night - aren't they lovely?

Best Halloween Quote:
When the kids got home Jack started to eat some of his candy and Mark told him to wait until he could check it. Jack's reply? "Why? So you can see if I got any good stuff?"


Us Craven's said...

You have smart kids! Can't get anything past them! said...

what a bunch of QT's-

Hey - I have been forced to go privite on my blog. e-mail me @ and I will send you an invite.

Kent and Heidi said...

Love Madeline's lips!