Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh No the Big 4 - 0 !!

Yesterday was the big day - - I turned 40 and still lived to tell about it.

Then & Now:

Here is a picture of me 40 years ago - - haven't aged a bit have I?!?!? I actually tried to find a picture with both me and my parents in it. Since I am the oldest I figured that they would have TONS of pictures and they do have quite a few, but not so many with both of my parents in them. I guess Mom was always taking the pictures and Dad was the designated baby holder.
For those of you who read my previous post about my goals of "Four Before 40" ( Here is an update on just how I did on those goals:

1. Loose weight - 140 by 40. Weelll, I didn't quite make this one (shocker right?!?) I am 4 lbs. away (what's 4 pounds among friends?). Anyway, I am not giving up on this goal. I don't know if I will ever weigh 140, but I would like to be more tone and loose the muffin top/bakery rolls that seem to have invaded my mid-section.

2. Do some cool physical feat. I chose the 112 mile bike ride around Utah Lake. For full details on this adventure click here:

3. Add some culture and learn a new skill. I have been taking violin lessons since January of this year and will be playing the violin in church in December which is (gulp) only a few weeks away. I have been practicing The First Noel Pachelbel Canon like a crazy woman as I don't want to completely embarass myself and don't want the 12 year olds that I will be playing with to show me up. Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be an update.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff - learn to have fun with my kids. I am doing better at this. I think this is an ongoing thing though. The other day we were out running errands and my kids have been begging to go to Carl's Jr. for lunch for-EVER. We passed it and they asked again and I thought "Why not? The laundry can wait." That was such a small thing and didn't really take that much time out of my day, but they loved it and talked about it for the rest of the week.

I have to say I had a really great birthday. Mark and I went to dinner on Friday night at one of my favorite restaurants - Cafe Trio - in SLC. Then he totally surprised me with a night at the Grand America Hotel downtown! We have a friend who helped get us a really good room rate (Thanks Fred - you ROCK!!) and our room was amazing!

Here are some pics to show you just how much of a redneck I really am:

It had it's own sitting room.

There was a plate of elegant goodies.

Check this out - it's a piano made entirely out of chocolate with chocolates inside of it as well!! What more could a chocoholic want?

Then of course I had to try on the robe and slippers - soo nice!

When we got home the next morning my sisters had done some handiwork on my house.

And Jade added the finishing touch!


Dave & Sherri said...

holy cow old lady! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That is awesome. I should write important things like this on my calendar! I hope you had a fantastic birthday - and you don't look a day over 1 :)

Karalee said...

Happy Birthday Jana! Forty is fantastic :)

iamwonderwoman said...

I hope you had a GREAT Birthday. We thought about you and it looks like you had a great time at the Grand. I sent you something in the mail that I had to get you when I saw it. You look FABULOUS at Forty!!

Michal said...

i am so proud of how well you've done on your goals. and i remember when you turned 30 and thought it was so old! time flies.

melanie h said...

Happy Birthday Jana!!! I hope you don't mind I found your blog off of your sister Heidi. (she is in my ward) I have loved getting caught up on your darling family. I remember you at 14- how could you possibly be 40??? Time sure does fly by. I'm glad to know you survived because then I have hope for myself in a few months. I know I say this everytime we run into each other but we really do need to get together and do lunch. I am new to the blogging world but you can find me at
Have a great day!!!
Melanie Hansen

Anonymous said...

Your 40 looks a lot better than mine! Great work on your goals!

Hollie said...

Jana, I am so glad that you had a fun birthday. Thank you for being such a great sister. I love you!

Kristin said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jana dear! Looks like it was a great one. My little bro works at the Grand, so we get rooms for special occasions it there. You look fab for 40!!!