Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surfing on the Lake

One of the great things about living on the lake is you have lots of friends that have boats. Our friends Eric and Minnette have a boat that you can surf behind. It has tanks that fill with water from the lake along with some "fat sacks" that you pump water into that sit on your seats on one side so that you can get a bigger wake.

On one hot day in July we went out for a quick surf. Mark was out first. He hasn't surfed very much but claims it's pretty easy. (I have yet to try it).

Here he is getting a feel for the water.

Trying to find the "sweet spot" so he can throw the rope into the boat and really surf.

He tossed the rope, but can't quite hang on - he's on his way down in this pic. Bummer, try again.

Now our friend Eric gets out. But wait, he's got company. This is Alli - she just turned 3 and loves to surf with her Dad. Notice how she is hanging onto his life jacket while he tosses the rope.

Oh yeah, catching some waves on Utah Lake!

Alli gives it a thumbs up!

Children's Museum

One Sunday afternoon, Jack decided to get some sun while reading the Sunday paper. First he started with the comics.

Then he came to something that REALLY caught his attention - an ad for the Children's Museum at the Gateway. They were having a buy one get one free offer - just our price.

When we arrived, the first thing they tried out were the musical instruments.

Here's Madeline concentrating very hard.

Next we came to a play house. It had everything you might find in a real house, including a mouse hole in the wall. There was a button to push that turned on a light inside and you could see the mouse's house complete with furniture made from thread spools, etc. However, the mouse family must have been at the people museum as they were no where to be found.

There was a really cool water play station.

We spent quite a bit of time here since water is the ultimate kid magnet.

They had lots of dress ups. Jack and Madeline tried out the cowboy outfits first.

Apparently these boots were NOT made for walkin'

Jack gives up on the boots and decides to throw some hay for the horse.

Meanwhile, Madeline decides that she is going to ride that pony.

Next we go over to the supermarket. It is laid out just like a real supermarket, complete with shelves stocked with cereal and canned goods, a produce section, bakery, deli and meat counter.
Madeline immediately takes charge and becomes the checker. My job is to be the shopper. She goes into full character mode. Asking me how I am doing today and if I found everything OK. I tell her that I have some coupons and she informs me that her store doesn't take coupons. I tell her I don't have the money to pay for everything unless I use my coupons and she sweetly informs me that I will have to put some things back. REALLY?! Wow, this pretending is too much like real life.

Meanwhile Jack is busy delivering the mail.

Next we went up to the roof where they have a real LifeFlight helicopter. It is pretty cool. You can sit inside as a passenger, go up front and be the pilot or there is a control tower that you can use to guide the chopper. Really cool.

After that it was lunch time so we met Mark at McDonald's that was just across the way from the museum. McDonald's is probably my LAST choice for lunch, but luckily it was at the food court and we were able to get something else to eat.
After lunch we went back to the museum and Jack decided to be a fireman for a while.

Shortly after that they spotted a car at the gas station where you could pump your own gas! Get right out of town! This is the greatest thing ever!
Jack immediately assumed the position of authority and started pumping the gas while telling his sister that HE was driving and she should stay on her side of the car.

Well, that worked well didn't it?

Next Madeline thinks to herself "how hard can this be?" and decides to pump her own gas.

Shortly after this I decided that I was done, done and done with the museum. We had spent a total of 4 hours in the museum - not including lunch. All in all it was a really fun day and they have been begging to go back ever since.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lehi Round Up Days

This year we went to the Lehi Round Up as we do every year. We missed the all horse parade since we were driving back from Reno that day, but we were able to do some other fun things when we got back.

Pioneer Party had a Kids Day on Friday - there were games, candy, a pig to pet (both Jack and Madeline declined to pet the pig) and you could learn to rope a "cow".

Here is Madeline showing off her cowgirl skills. Love the boots with the shorts - cute if you're 3, not so much if you're 40!

After all that fun and excitement we walked down the block to Reams Boots & Jeans where the Lehi High School FFA club (Future Farmers of America for those of you who don't know) was selling hot dogs, chips and a drink for $2. Such a deal!!

Here are Jack and Madeline sitting on the porch of Reams. Yep, that is a regular Coke that my boy is drinking. What can I say?! Mother of the Year!!

The next morning we went to the parade. Each year the whole clan gathers at the same place and we all watch together.

Here are Jack and Madeline waiting for the parade to start. All the kids get front row seats.

Since Jade and Willy didn't want to be considered kids, they sat a little further back with the adults.

Here is the love of my life and me. He really doesn't like parades, but is always a good sport and comes with us anyway. Notice my B-I-L Stephen in the background - - should he really be in the adult section?!?

Later that night we went to the Round Up Rodeo. This is an old fashioned rodeo, held outside and complete with hard metal bleachers to sit on.

My entire family gets tickets together on the first day that they are sold and we all sit together. This is only some of my family - the rest are at the snack stand getting a rodeo burger and cokes. You need fuel to be able to yell, whistle and clap for 2 hours!

Here's my cute nephew and niece - Bridger and Oakley. They actually came without their parents (my sister had her class reunion) and were very well behaved!

Now comes my favorite part - when the queens come out with the flags while they play God Bless America as a prelude to when the National Anthem is sung. It moves me to tears every year!

Here we are - happy family at the rodeo. My dear husband doesn't really like the rodeo, but again gets bonus points because he goes every year with me and actually seems to enjoy himself.

While we were waiting for the rodeo to start I snapped these pictures of my two angels. I swear they are either the best of friends or sworn enemies. Lucky for me they are usually friends.

Happy Trails . . . until next year!

July 4th 2009

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. For the record I actually have three holidays that I absolutely love. The 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas.

Each year for the 4th of July we have The Driveway of Fire at our house. This all started about 15 years ago when we couldn't really afford to go to the Stadium of Fire held at BYU each year and decided to do the redneck version instead. We invited our friends and family and ta-da! a tradition was born - The Driveway of Fire.

We start things off right with a potluck BBQ. It is a BYOB affair. At the Harris house this means "Bring Your Own Beef" or whatever you wish to barbeque along with something to share.

Here are my neice, Oakley and Madeline enjoying some yummy chocolate cake.

Then we sort of hang around, let our food settle and wait for darkness.
These fine people are my parents, Sherman & Vickie.

Here's Jordan - just chillin'.

My sister and her teenage son Drake decide to make some of their own fun and show us their best gang banger look:

Drake is having a hard time keeping a straight face to look mean and tough.

As soon as his Dad gets in on it, it's all over for Drake.

Meanwhile there is a furious battle happening on the trampoline. Jack and my nephew Bridger are trying to settle a score for the galaxy.

FINALLY it is dark enough to begin the show. Since we live in a cul-de-sac now, we no longer have to limit the action to just the driveway.

Here's Jade showing off her MAD sparkler skillzz! None of these pictures turned out very good, but you get the general idea!

At the end of the night (or whenever all the fireworks have been lit) everyone goes home happy. This is me and my sister Norma giving you our best "sparkler smile".

Tale of the Fishing Pole (a tragedy)

We thought it would be a good idea to buy the kids a fishing pole. It would give them something to do while on the boat (besides pick at each other) and they could entertain themselves when we went camping.

We went to Wal-Mart and found a Spiderman pole for Jack but they were completely out of anything remotely girl. So we went to another Wal-Mart. Again the same result - nothing girl, they were totally sold out. Who knew there would be such a run on feminine fishing poles?!? Finally in desperation we tried the local Target and - - JACKPOT. Of course it was a few dollars more than it would have cost at Wal-Mart, but we figured it would be a small price to pay.

As soon as we got home the kids just had to try them out. They insisted that we fill the kiddie pool so they could "fish". While they were waiting for the pool to fill, the "fished" over the bannister to the basement.

A few hours later we went down to the lake so they could try them out for real. First we tried it off of the dock.

Here's Madeline - always stylish!

Notice the sign Jack is standing next to.

Jack - making a cast.

Once we got out on the boat Mark showed the kids how to cast.

For a while he casts and then the kids reel it in.

The poles have a small plastic "thing" on the end to prevent the line from going into the reel. There is a spider on the end of Jack's pole and a pink butterfly on the end of Madeline's pole.
Each time after Mark casts Madeline's out and she starts to reel it in, as it gets closer and she can see the pink butterfly she gets really excited, seems surprised and shouts "I caught a fish, I caught a fish!!" This happens numerous times within a 10 minute period. Each time she is surprised that she caught a fish.
Finally the kids try to cast on their own. Jack is doing a good job, although it doesn't go very far. Madeline then decides that she is going to do a REALLY big cast and yep, you guessed it - - she casts and throws her pole into the lake!! Mark jumped in and tried to find it, but the water was too dark and he couldn't find it.
Madeline was sad and Mark was mad. His comment was "We just spent $13 on a stupid Barbie fishing pole that lasted less than 4 hours!!" I told him that someday it would be funny. Not today, but someday.