Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer 2009 - Catch Up

This summer I have been completely inadequate in updating my blog. I am now trying to play catch up so you can see what has been keeping us so busy this summer. I will break this into several different posts, so as not to bore you too much!

First is the Princess Festival. Attended by none other than our princess Madeline Elise.

Here she is with the "golden ticket" to get into the festival.

The annual Princess Festival is put on each summer by a family in Lindon, Utah. It is held at their home and on their property - which is pretty amazing. The cost was nominal ($25) and the proceeds went to benefit a charity that they set up to help the people in Kenya have safe drinking water, and make their lives better. It lasted about 90 minutes, but if you're 3, ninety minutes is just about right.

First the Blue Fairy came to lead them on their journey. They visited several different sites around the property and solved a mystery and helped the Blue Fairy with different fairy tales.

The first stop was a cottage like Snow White's. I thought this sign was pretty cute on the outside of the cottage: (I think I need one for my house!)

Next they got to go to the castle:

And as EVERYONE knows - what's a castle without a drawbridge to walk across?!

While in the castle they met Cinderella scrubbing the floors.

Next her "Sisty Uglers" as Madeline calls the ugly step sisters, came and were mean! But the Fairy Godmother came and made her beautiful and then the Sisty Uglers were sorry and ran off crying! (this is Madeline's version of how it went down)

The grounds were very beautiful. It was really quite amazing considering that this guy built all of this for his grand kids - mostly granddaughters at his home so the they would love to come to visit.

After they solved several princess "mysteries" there was a grand ball with all of the princesses in attendance. (sorry there are not more pics - I am having issues with Blogger today)

When it was all over we got to take a picture in Cinderella's coach. All in all a fabulous experience for MY princess.