Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lehi Round Up Days

This year we went to the Lehi Round Up as we do every year. We missed the all horse parade since we were driving back from Reno that day, but we were able to do some other fun things when we got back.

Pioneer Party had a Kids Day on Friday - there were games, candy, a pig to pet (both Jack and Madeline declined to pet the pig) and you could learn to rope a "cow".

Here is Madeline showing off her cowgirl skills. Love the boots with the shorts - cute if you're 3, not so much if you're 40!

After all that fun and excitement we walked down the block to Reams Boots & Jeans where the Lehi High School FFA club (Future Farmers of America for those of you who don't know) was selling hot dogs, chips and a drink for $2. Such a deal!!

Here are Jack and Madeline sitting on the porch of Reams. Yep, that is a regular Coke that my boy is drinking. What can I say?! Mother of the Year!!

The next morning we went to the parade. Each year the whole clan gathers at the same place and we all watch together.

Here are Jack and Madeline waiting for the parade to start. All the kids get front row seats.

Since Jade and Willy didn't want to be considered kids, they sat a little further back with the adults.

Here is the love of my life and me. He really doesn't like parades, but is always a good sport and comes with us anyway. Notice my B-I-L Stephen in the background - - should he really be in the adult section?!?

Later that night we went to the Round Up Rodeo. This is an old fashioned rodeo, held outside and complete with hard metal bleachers to sit on.

My entire family gets tickets together on the first day that they are sold and we all sit together. This is only some of my family - the rest are at the snack stand getting a rodeo burger and cokes. You need fuel to be able to yell, whistle and clap for 2 hours!

Here's my cute nephew and niece - Bridger and Oakley. They actually came without their parents (my sister had her class reunion) and were very well behaved!

Now comes my favorite part - when the queens come out with the flags while they play God Bless America as a prelude to when the National Anthem is sung. It moves me to tears every year!

Here we are - happy family at the rodeo. My dear husband doesn't really like the rodeo, but again gets bonus points because he goes every year with me and actually seems to enjoy himself.

While we were waiting for the rodeo to start I snapped these pictures of my two angels. I swear they are either the best of friends or sworn enemies. Lucky for me they are usually friends.

Happy Trails . . . until next year!


Karalee said...

Now we can finally see why you've been too busy to blog! Love it...:)

Front Porch Friend. said...

You go, Jack! Drink that Coke, man! Someone has to take up my vice! Pour one out for me, buddy and enjoy it 'real slowly!