Saturday, August 29, 2009

July 4th 2009

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. For the record I actually have three holidays that I absolutely love. The 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas.

Each year for the 4th of July we have The Driveway of Fire at our house. This all started about 15 years ago when we couldn't really afford to go to the Stadium of Fire held at BYU each year and decided to do the redneck version instead. We invited our friends and family and ta-da! a tradition was born - The Driveway of Fire.

We start things off right with a potluck BBQ. It is a BYOB affair. At the Harris house this means "Bring Your Own Beef" or whatever you wish to barbeque along with something to share.

Here are my neice, Oakley and Madeline enjoying some yummy chocolate cake.

Then we sort of hang around, let our food settle and wait for darkness.
These fine people are my parents, Sherman & Vickie.

Here's Jordan - just chillin'.

My sister and her teenage son Drake decide to make some of their own fun and show us their best gang banger look:

Drake is having a hard time keeping a straight face to look mean and tough.

As soon as his Dad gets in on it, it's all over for Drake.

Meanwhile there is a furious battle happening on the trampoline. Jack and my nephew Bridger are trying to settle a score for the galaxy.

FINALLY it is dark enough to begin the show. Since we live in a cul-de-sac now, we no longer have to limit the action to just the driveway.

Here's Jade showing off her MAD sparkler skillzz! None of these pictures turned out very good, but you get the general idea!

At the end of the night (or whenever all the fireworks have been lit) everyone goes home happy. This is me and my sister Norma giving you our best "sparkler smile".


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Wow! Your sister is hot!

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