Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lessons Learned

This post is all about the "lessons" that my loving husband learned spending a week at home with us during the holidays.

First let me explain. Since Mark works everyday he is not home much to see what "really" goes on around here during the day.

Oh, sure I try to tell him about how crazy it is to take the kids to run errands. I try to make him understand that not only do they have a time limit as to how long they will tolerate running here and there, but we also have a "place limit" - meaning that regardless of how short or long it is they don't like to go to more than say 3 different places.

So, that being said, here is LESSON #1:

When taking the kids to Wal-Mart, the grocery store or any other place that offers a cart for the almost 3 year old to ride in - TAKE IT and INSIST that said 3 year old rides IN THE CART!

When we went to Wal-Mart we got a cart, but Madeline was balking at riding in the cart. Loving Husband said "Oh, it's OK, she can just ride on the back and hold on while her brother walks beside us - - really it will be fine."

This is where I smirk to myself "Amateur". Outwardly I say "OK Honey, but you are responsible for keeping track of them while we shop."

Sure enough as soon as we get anywhere near something they find interesting - Madeline bails off the cart and follows her brother to investigate.

Loving Husband patiently stops and rounds them up - over to the cart - and explains that they can't just be running off. (Yea, you GO honey!)

We go a little further and the same thing happens again - - and again - - and again. What can I say? My kids are kind of like Rednecks - - "Ohhh, look somethin' ShInY! I must touch it!!"

We manage to make it out of Wal-Mart and then it is on to Target.

Same scenario with the cart. Madeline refusing to get in - Loving Husband insisting that she "promise" to stay on the cart and not jump off at will. Then giving in and letting her ride on the "suicide step" on the back.

Did the man learn NOTHING from the previous stop?!?!

Yeah, you know what happened - lots of shiny things in Target.

As we are loading the kids into the car, EXASPERATED Loving Husbands tells me "taking these two anywhere is like trying to heard cats!!"

Oh, you don't say?!?

Our last stop was Costco. This time as we approach the cart, Madeline starts with the whole "I don't want to get in" business and Loving Husband firmly tells her "No way in the world am I letting you ride on the back - you are riding IN THE CART!"

What a GREAT idea!

Lesson #2:

If you see something that could possibly make a mess - make sure it is out of reach of the 3 year old.

One day, Mark changed Madeline's diaper and used baby powder (she calls it baby sauce). After changing her HE LEFT THE POWDER ON A LOW SHELF IN THE CLOSET!! He goes away thinking all is well and he's the man - changing her diaper (he actually does that regularly) AND using baby powder besides!

Shortly thereafter, we smell a strong odor of baby powder - Loving Husband goes to investigate. The ENTIRE room is covered in baby powder! Mark then asks Madeline "what happened here?" and she tells him that she made it SNOW in her room.

When I asked Loving Husband WHY he left the baby powder somewhere where she could reach it, his response was (this is priceless) "I never thought that she would get into it and make it snow!" I told him that he was practically INVITING her to get into it - she is "busy" that way.

I'm still cleaning up baby powder.

One day after a particularly crazy day - the kids were whining, we were tired and it was only 5:00 pm - Loving Husband turned to me and said "you know that thing you have on the fridge that says Stay-at-Home Moms would make around $134,000 per year if paid for all that they do?"

Me: Yeah, what about it?

Loving Husband: You are sooo underpaid! That $134k is just not nearly enough!!

Ahh vindication. I love being at home even though it has it's moments - what job doesn't?

But what made my day, week, and month was that my Loving Husband realized just how much physical and mental work it is to be at home all day. This job is not for wimps!!

P.S. He was REALLY looking forward to going back to work on Monday.


Dave & Sherri said...

That is AWESOME! Mark is such a great dad. I'm glad he knows that moms are pretty amazing people! You ARE a great mom too! Thanks for sharing such a great story! LOVE IT!

Karalee said...

Hee. I loved this post. Good times...and I can't believe he admitted that we are underpaid! Wish I could get that on tape or in writing...

iamwonderwoman said...

Silly Boys, don't they know anything! Isn't it amazing when men finally realize that being a mom is a tough job. LOL:)