Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Madeline

I have been trying to eat more healthy and getting my kids on board has been a challenge - - to say the least!

Last night Madeline and I had the following conversation:

Madeline: "Mom what's for dinner tonight?"

Me: "Chicken - and YOU get to choose what vegetable we have with it!"

Madeline: "Noooo, I hate vegetables!"

Me: "Well, here are your choices: Green Beans, Corn, or Broccoli. Which of those would you like to choose?"

Madeline: "None! I HATE vegetables!"

Me: "Do you know that in some countries there are little children who don't get to eat vegetables and they don't grow strong and healthy and they can't grow up to be ballerinas. Wouldn't that be sad?"

Madeline: "Uh huh." (sounding totally unconvinced)

Me: "So which would you like to choose?"

Madeline: "Umm, I choose that country to live in."

I cannot win people!


Dave & Sherri said...

Holy cow! She's fast! :) She's got the fastest whit of any kid I know! She must have been taught well. :) LOVE IT!!!

Kristin said...

hilarious...you gotta hand it to her!

Michal said...

too funny! let me know when you figure out the secret to getting kids to eat things that they THINK they don't like.