Saturday, April 5, 2008


This past week there was a mass kidnaping in our town! There were a total of 27 girls taken from their beds in the wee hours of the morning.

However, it’s not quite what you might think.

Since Jade is a Senior, she and the other senior girls are responsible for the initiation of the new cheerleaders. (Nothing mean, just something fun, so they can all meet each other)

Each senior was responsible for picking up 3-4 other girls. They called the girl's parents beforehand so that there would be no nasty surprises when the they showed up at 5:15 in the morning to get them out of bed.

All went as planned and they arrived at my house at 6:15 am for breakfast.

When Jade first asked if they could have breakfast at our house, I said "Sure."

Now, maybe you are thinking that I should have been thinking ahead and asked a few more questions when she first brought it up - - I was sure kicking myself for not asking!
Here is how our conversation went:

Jade: "Mom, remember when you said I could have the cheer initiation breakfast at our house?"

Me: "ummm hmmm" Did I mention that it is 9:45 pm and I am lying in bed almost asleep?!?

Jade: "Well how about Thursday, as in this Thursday?"

Me: (a little more awake now) "Uhh, sure. What time do you think you will be here?"

Jade: "Well, no later than 6:15, cause we have to get them to school after that and make sure they can’t go home and fix their hair, etc."

Me: "6:15 in the MORNING?! OK. How many people are we talking about here?"

Jade: "Well, with all of the new girls and the outgoing seniors there will be 33 people."
Me: (thinking to myself. . . What the FIRE! You should ask MORE questions EARLIER!) Now out loud to Jade: "OK, I think I can do that."

After all that, it actually went pretty good. I made four breakfast casseroles and bought lots of juice and milk. I got up at 4:30 that morning to start baking and it was ready to go when they arrived - nothing short of a small miracle!
Now, if you have ever been to my house you know that I don’t really have space to seat 33 people, so the consequence was that we had girls, girls everywhere!
Despite the lack of space and the early hour, they all had a good time and ate almost every morsel I put out for them.

At 7:10 am the all got into their cars and went to school. Here's what was left.


Moto X Mama said...

I can't believe this, A picture of food on a blog without the recipe! Don't let those other cRaZy bloggin' fools see this, your going to get hate blog mail!!!

Michal said...

yes, jana, where are the recipes?

it looks like it was successful, especially if you got teenage girls to eat. it seems to me that none of them do anymore.