Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Three kRaZy Weeks!

First I want to say I know, I know it has been three weeks since I last posted, but what a three weeks it has been!!

It all started with a flat tire on Saturday the 10th of May. No big deal right? Mark was meeting some friends for a "Man Trip" and left the car parked in the church parking lot and asked if I would take the tire (already off of the car) and get it fixed sometime that day. Sure not a problem.

Sunday afternoon while driving our jeep we heard a weird noise and decided that it needed to be checked out. We took it to our mechanic and dropped it off to be looked at on Monday.
Monday morning our mechanic called with the bad news that the Jeep had "thrown a rod". Now I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I do know that it's BAD and expen$ive. In our case it meant replacing the engine. It was one of those "can't really afford to do it, but can't really afford NOT to do it things. "

Then, Monday afternoon came and we discovered that our basement was flooded -- of course it was the part that was finished!

At first we couldn't determine where the water was coming from - sprinklers, up from under the house (heaven forbid!) something else?!? It turned out to be a broken hose bib. and the result was that we had to move Jade and Matt out of their rooms ASAP.
Jade had her wisdom teeth out Monday morning and came straight home and went to bed. When I realized how serious the problem was, our conversation went something like this:
Me: "Hey Jade, um. . . . I know that you just had your teeth out and don't feel very good, but we REALLY need to get your dresser out of here, could you get out of bed and help me move it?"

Jade: "Huh, we are moving? Oh, OK, just wake me in a little bit and I can help you. " (She's totally drugged up on pain meds and out of it!)
Me: "No honey I need you to help me NOW. The basement is FLOODING!!"

After that we had to tear out carpet, drywall, and insulation. Fix the problem and then put our rooms back together. We had a deadline since Mark's parents were coming to stay with us in just three short weeks! Not to mention that Jade was camped out in our weight room!
Add to that the craziness of trying to help put together the Grad Night Party for the PTA and you can imagine my lack of sanity!
However, stay tuned, I will be posting pictures from both Jade and Matt's graduations and from our PTA Grad Night party.


Michal said...

you poor poor thing. that just sounds insane. and now you have house guests? it just doesn't calm down around there, does it?
i'd love to see the pics from graduation.