Monday, May 12, 2008

PuRSe Contents

My friend Joy "tagged" me and dared me to show the contents of my purse. I'm a little slow in taking the challenge but here you go! In my defense: This is actually the purse I got to go on our cruise in February and I needed something BIG to take on the plane. Also, I change bags frequently - I get bored easily.

So here you go from the top:
1. Hard to see - but I have a bottle Excedrin - never leave home without it.
2. Bag of peanut M&Ms - you never know when you might get stranded and need a little happy pick me up.
3. Lip stuff - 3 different kinds (again hard to see)
4. Wallet - holds cash (on a good day) and cards.
5. Gum - never know when I will need "minty fresh breath".
6. Bills I need to mail.
7. Quilting Magazine. I LOVE to quilt and one of my favorite stores "The Material Girls" was featured as a Top 10 quilting store. Here is why I love Material Girls: I usually have to take my two tasmanian devils - aka - my supervisors with me when I shop. The ladies at the Material Girls understand what it is like to have to take your kids with you everywhere and are understanding when mine get bored and start playing hide-n-seek in the fabrics. On the other hand the old blue-hairs at Broadbents can't remember what they had for breakfast, much less what it's like to take your small children with you. I am convinced that they hate ALL children - even my teenager, Jade (who is very well behaved in fabric stores)!

But I digress. . . .
8. Kleenex - some days I need them or one of my children does!
9. Cell phone - so my husband, kids and sisters can track me down when I "go to town".
10. Hand lotion - I have horrible dry hands!
11. Mirror - I usually don't carry one of these, so it was a fun surprise in my bag
12. Checkbook and miscellaneous frenquent diner and frequent quilter cards.
13. Paint swatches from Kwall Howell - I am going to re-paint Madeline's room when she (finally) moves into a "big girl bed."
14. Some random paper clip ?!?

Now it is my turn to tag some of my friends: Julie, Heidi, Sheryl, Hollie, Karalee & Michal - - are you up to the challenge?!?


Michal said...

oh, you are sooo mean! as i started reading this post, i thought, "i'm glad no one wants me to show the contents of MY purse!" there must be 50 things in it. ok, i accept. but not until at least tomorrow. i promise not to do any cleaning out before hand. just promise that you'll still be my friend when you see what a mess my purse is.

The Red Hen said...

Michal - I will ALWAYS be your friend - no matter how much crap you pack in your purse. Heck - I just got caught on a good day - before that I had eleventy billion receipts - cleaned out just the day before. Whew, dodged the bullet on that one!

Christine said...

Your profile sounds like Michal, no wonder you are friends! My purse is always short of the things I need- I basically ONLY have the 11 billion receipts, and a wallet. I love the movie One Fine Day- Michelle Phiefer's purse is fabulous! (even down to the duct tape!)

Moto X Mama said...

Jana, my camera broke but I will blog about my purse and NO I have not cleaned it out, I just haven't put anything MORE into it!