Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Potting Bench

I love to garden. Usually when I plant my flowers in pots each Spring, I am either doing it on a card table in the garage or on the floor of the garage, or some other random place. For YEARS I have wanted a potting bench, for obvious reasons and well, because I thought it would "look cute" in my yard somewhere.

Last week I was browsing through some on-line ads and came across this jewel:
The ad didn't name a price, it just said "make offer".
I looked and saw lots of potential. Mark looked and saw crap. He said "Do you REALLY want to BUY that . . . THING?!?" My response was "Well yeah, I'll offer them $20 and see if they take it."

In the description it stated that it was made out of Tiger Wood (NOT Tiger Woods). And let me tell you that was not just a catchy name! When I got it home I realized that the wood really was pretty ugly, but no matter. I had BIG plans for this bad boy. It had great lines and lots of potential.

Within about 3 hours of getting it in my garage, I had it sanded and painted. Then I did a second coat of paint and then "distressed it a little".

Here is the final result. I still need to find some drawer pulls for it because it is a little hard to get the drawers open without them!
It is a little dirty because it's outside and I actually USED it today.
Here is what I did:


frontporchfriend said...

You are so talented! That bench is so cute! I've tagged you with a couple of things on my blog. Don't laugh when you get to my page and the photos are all messed up. I'm still trying to figure the whole process out! EVENTUALLY I'll get there!

elisa said...


You are so talented in everything that you do! I love going on and reading your blog. You have inspired me to start my own (one of these days) Jade looked so beautiful in her prom dress.