Monday, May 5, 2008

Senior Prom

A few weeks ago both Jade and Matt went to their Senior Prom. Here are a few pictures:

Here's Matt and his date. Mark wondered about the cane and asked him if he was hurt and had trouble walking! Jade assured us that canes and hats were "cool".

This is Matt's group - it was a big one. They had their prom at the Hale Center Theater in West Valley. They had a great time!
(Matt is on the far left side, back row).

Here are some pictures of Jade and her date, Willy. I have more pics of Jade because she is used to me tagging along to EVERYTHING.
Here's Willy picking her up at the house.

Then they went to the high school to meet up with their group and have their pictures taken. This is where they also met the limo. We waited in the parking lot for them to come out for a while (OK , really about 5 minutes) and then I decided that we could wait inside and see them get their pictures taken just as easily as we could wait in the parking lot.

So, we went inside and people watched while we waited. This is a "taget rich environment" if you're into people watching!

When they lined up to get their group picture taken I quickly took some pictures of my own. I had to be sneaky since I didn't think the REAL photo people would appreciate me in their territory!

Here they are in front of the the limo.

They went to dinner in SLC and their prom was at the Gateway. I introduced myself to the limo driver and he assured me that he would take good care of them. I was glad that they weren't driving themselves since there was a Jazz playoff game, a Led Zeplin concert and three other proms in downtown that night!

Here are Jade & Willy getting into the limo - I'm not sure if Jade is more excited to get into the limo or to finally be rid of me!!


The Queen Bee said...

Love, love, loved the dress! Oh, and Jade you looked fabulous too. JBE