Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swiss Days aka Sister's Day Out!

Each Labor Day weekend the city of Midway has a celebration called Swiss Days. There are lots of things going on, but the big draw for the Bronson girls is the Swiss Days boutique.

This year we all met in the parking lot of Albertsons to load up in the Fun Bus (aka Doreen's Expedition) and drove up together.

They have all kinds of booths at Swiss Days - food, crafts, wrapping paper (the longest line in the whole place - go figure!). The fun thing about it is every day things are now "Swiss".

For instance there are "Swiss Hamburgers".

"Swiss Chicken"

And ohhh, the "Swiss Nuts and Kettle Corn!!" Speaking of nuts. . . er, I mean these are my sisters (L-R) Norma, Julie, Doreen, & Heidi.

Some booths really go all out with the Swiss theme:
Or the literal translation - - old people in bags.

Of course nothing says "Swiss" like a Swiss Miss taking a smoke break.

Here's a better "action" shot!

Lest you think that this shopping excursion is for the weak - think again! Here is a "battle wound" that I received while trying to make my way through the crowds.

While I fixed my battle scar, my sisters decided to take a little break and down some water and asperin.

This year Madeline came with us and while we took a little break she had some R&R on the swings. Doesn't she look like she is having a great time?! Thanks Aunt Julie for the push!

Until next year. . . .


Norma said...

Ohhh, I do love me some Swiss Diet Dr. Pepper!! I think it was a success when only one of us came home with a permanent scar.

Kristin said...

LOL....this post made me laugh hard. I miss you! I love swiss days...I am a fan of the Swiss Tacos, not be confused with Navajo tacos which are TOTALLY different.

Kent and Heidi said...

OHHHH Swiss Scones. I drool just thinking about them!!!

Christiansen's Hog Heaven said...

I sure missed going with you guys. Hopefully I can go next year.

Mindy Greene said...

I LOVE Swiss Days! I actually was able to get Russell to come with me this time. Which I am not quit sure if that was a good thing or bad I missed out on some of the good sales because I didn't need it. Maybe next year I can find a girl friend to play with :)