Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily Madeline

The other day we were driving in the car, just Madeline and I. As usual she was talking NON-STOP. I like to say the if her eyes are open, her mouth is going.

So there we are driving along, Madeline talking and talking and talking, while I can barely get in an "uhh huh" or "Yep" or "Hmm". If I don't make appropriate noises she accuses me of not listening to her and then demands that I turn my rear view mirror down so I can SEE her while she talks to me!!

The next thing I hear is "Hey Mom, do you know what will happen if you talk too much?!"

"Well, do you?"

"Your LIPS will FALL OFF!! This means that YOU should stop talking so much!"

Me: "Oh really?" (my first real words of the conversation)

Madeline: "Yeah, so you better be careful!"

I honestly could think of nothing to say. I guess you always see the beam in your neighbor's eye instead of the mote in your own (or is that the other way around? I can never remember.)


Karalee said...

Hee. I'll be watching for Grace's lips to fall off then :)

Diane M. said...

This is a great little moment. You capture it so well I can see everything as it happens. I can also really see your daughter's personality. She's gonna be dangerous in a few years!

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