Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

I LOVE Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays. I don't really like the blood and gore aspect, but more of the fun, witchy part.

For about the past 4 years we have hosted a Halloween party at our house for my family. I am the oldest of eight kids (7 girls and 1 boy, in case you're keeping score). Each year everyone wanted to see the kid's costumes, and even though we all live relatively close, it seemed an impossible task for Halloween night.

So, me being the party queen and having a husband who indulges me, I decided that we should have an annual Bronson Family Halloween Party, . . . and . . . . a tradition was born!

We always have yummy food - of course everyone knows that you can't get together without something tasty! Then all of the adults go into a different room of my house with their candy and the kids go from door to door and "Trick-or-Treat."

I wanted this Halloween to be "Super".

Don't you just love the Captain America costume? Mark wore this to work for his office Halloween party and won the $100 Grand Prize!! He said it was worth all the crazy looks he got while driving on the freeway!

This year we had quite a crop of Super Heros. Here we have Jack - aka Darth Vader, Hans- aka a Storm Trooper, and Bronson aka Spiderman. Love Bronson's mean tough guy face!

Of course all of the Sisters get into the act as well.
L-R: Norma, Jana, Julie, Sheryl, Breanna, Jade.

Here's my sister Hollie - she's Hannah Montanna. (flashing the "I Love You" sign instead of the "Rock On" sign.)

This is my sister Julie. She came dressed as an oven with two buns in it. She's expecting twins in April!! Clever Jules, clever!!
This is my sister Julie (aka Buns in the Oven Jules) with my neice Kat. Yep I did say NEICE! When she first came to the party, one of my other sisters, Doreen, didn't recognize her and thought that Jordan must have brought a friend!! I guess that she figured that since she had been working like a mexican in Grandpa's orchard for the past couple of weeks, she may as well dress the part. Seriously, I am totally diggin' that stache!
Here's my nephew Drake aka Rasta Man. We don't overlook any ethnic group in my family!
The little ladies: Breanna, Oakley and Madeline.
Since I was the master of ceremony, after we all had sufficient time to digest our food and the kids were about to start a mutiny, I called them all together with their bags to begin the Trick-or-Treating. This is my official "I'm in charge" stance. The boots TOTALLY rocked the costume!

I didn't get too many pictures of the Trick-or-Treating action since they were all pretty speedy, but I did manage to get one of my neice Lily. I think she is still unsure about just taking candy.

After he was done, Hans brought his candy to Hollie for her to "check" it. REALLY?!? - you are worried about the quality? Hollie was only too happy to oblige, seeing as how she took some of her favorites for closer inspection!
Here's Madeline - I think she's enjoyed one too many chocolate bars!
The next night (Halloween) Jack, aka Darth Vader informed me that he was too big to go Trick-or-Treating with his PARENTS and asked if he could go with his friends Connor and Mayson - - and THEIR Dad, Jack aka Big Jack.
So I called Connor's Dad and told him that obviously THEY were MUCH cooler than we were and asked if it would be OK of Jack went around the neighborhood with them. He looks pretty happy about that!
Jack is a sweet boy though. While he was out he went to a house where they were giving out lip gloss and he asked if he could have one for his sister since he didn't think she would make it that far.
He also scored two pair of these goggles. They were the hit of the night!

He actually got one pair for Madeline and one for himself, but she refused to put them on saying they were "too creepy". However, Mark was a willing participant in the scary eye fest!
Later that night Mark put them on on the back of his head and told the kids that they had better behave since he had eyes in the back of his head and nothing would get past him!


Dave & Sherri said...

YEA!!! Pictures from Halloween! WAHOO! You guys look SO SO good! You totally put me to shame :) I'm glad you guys had such a fantastic time! PS - The bread was a HIT!!! I need the recipe! :)