Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, I guess it was bound to happen - but yesterday the other shoe finally dropped and my computer crashed. Apparently with my teenagers using it and my own online use we were infected with a nasty virus which then corrupted all my files. YIKES! Now, just so you know, I am not the MOST technical kind of gal. You see, when I worked at Novell and other high tech companies, I always worked for one of the "top dogs". This meant that when I called Tech Support, they were always "johnny on the spot" to come and fix it because of who my boss was. This also meant that I really never had to figure anything out for myself. Back then I thought it was nifty. Now - - not so nifty! Jade has been kind enough to loan me her laptop so that I can do a few things. Bless her!

I was supposed to have the computer back by tonight, however we have not heard a peep from the guy who is working on it. This does not bode well. Either it is REALLY, REALLY bad, or he is just taking his time. I am hoping for the latter option.

In any event you will probably not be hearing from me for a while -- not only because of the computer issue, but because I am lucky enough to be going to Hawaii for a few days with Mark!!Truth be told, I feel kind of greedy since this is the 3rd time in two years that we have gone (all work related). This time we are going to the big island of Hawaii, so that will be fun since the last two times we went to Maui. I plan on finding myself a comfy beach chair and reading uninterrupted for the entire time!

The kids are going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Harris in Reno along with their cousins who live down there and I am sure they will have a fabulous time as well.

So check back in a while and I will share my vacay pics with you!


iamwonderwoman said...

Have a GREAT time on the Island! Love the new pics!

Kristin said...

HATE YOU! Really I love ya but I am so jealous...have so much fun on your trip...big Jack is going to Reno huh? So no visits from super heros for the next little while??

Dave & Sherri said...

HAWAII AGAIN?!?! You lucky girl. I'm glad you get to go to a different island this time, that will make things fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.
Did you get your family pictures taken in Zebra??? I want to see!!!
Have a great trip and be safe!

Lady Jady! said...

Yea Hawaii is gonna be great! i cant wait! NOT! you left me at home! jerks! so have fun using those "business fins" have fun mom!

Michal said...

your trip sounds dreamy. hope you have a great time.
and i love the sidebar picture of the shoes.

Kristin said...

hey...quick question...i noticed your cute little pink ribbon pin when i saw you this week...and want to get some for all the ladies in my family to support my grandma...where did you get it??