Monday, September 8, 2008

Dino Museum

Jack LOVES Dinosaurs and is always asking to go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Usually this request comes as we are passing it on the freeway on our way to or from somewhere else.

When Thanksgiving Point had a promotion for $2 Tuesdays in August, I decided this was my chance to FINALLY visit the "Dino Museum" as he calls it.

We asked my sister Hollie and her two boys who are almost exactly the same ages as Jack and Madeline to come along with us - figuring that they would have more fun with some cousins along.

We got to the museum about 20 minutes before it opened. As it turns out we weren't the only ones with the idea. I thought that since school had started there would not be as many people - - WRONG~!!When we got there the line snaked around the building almost to the end!

As we inched forward Jack and Madeline found a comfy rock to sit on and rest. I'm not sure what Madeline is doing in this picture - - is she giving the "Hail Hitler" sign? Did I catch her mid-wave? And what about Jack? I'm pretty sure he is trying to reel me in with his "Spidey Web".

It was really windy that day and not very warm - I couldn't resist including this one of Jack trying to keep Madeline warm. Check out his hair!

Well, we FINALLY got in and there were lots of cool things to see and do. Madeline and I saw some big lizards - she wasn't a fan!

There was a small dino that you could sit on and have your picture taken - we all took turns.

Apparently Hans was a little taken aback at the brazenness of my daughter just hopping on when it was so clearly HIS TURN! But look at that face, how could you resist?!

After that we saw some more exhibits. Hollie somehow managed to get all the kids to sit by her long enough for me to take a picture - something that I couldn't even do with my 2 children! Although, Dane does look a little put out about the whole thing!

Next we went into a big room with sand and water where the kids could get down and dirty with little plastic trees, dinosaurs, etc. and build their own little land. There were so many kids that it was hard to get a good space or enough trees and animals, but they had fun just the same.

Next we went to another hands on room where the kids could pretend like they were finding dinosaur bones in the sand. Everyone got a small paint brush and could dig around and find parts of the dino that was buried in the large sand box.

At the end everyone got a "dino chomper" souvenir to take home. They all really loved it and now Jack is asking even more to go back!

3 comments: said...

Hey -

I have just renewed my pass to thanksgiving point! The next time sherri and I go we will call you. If you go with someone who has a pass you get in 1/2 price. its not $2.00 but I think kids are like 3.00 and adults are 4 or 5.

we have fun and most the time its not that busy.

The Red Hen said...


I would love to go with you guys. Maybe it won't be so crazy and my kids will actually get to do some of the things!

Karalee said...

Is it just me, or does Jade look exactly like your sister Holly??? Whoa. Maybe it's just that picture :)
Anyway. Looks like tons of fun. Your kids are seriously cute.