Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

Last week was the start of the school year at our house.

Jade started college at Utah Valley University.
Jack started his second year of pre-school.

Since Jade and I are "sharing" a car - this means that I usually have the car and drive her around - which, secretly, I love. I picked her up from her job at Costco and took her to school. Her BF Willy has a car and they have almost all the same classes so he can give her a ride home and pick her up from work on most days.

On this particular day she asked me to drop her off at Willy's car so she could meet him. Since it was her first day of school and she claimed she was in too much of a hurry to take a picture while we were at home, I brought out the camera and took one while she was waiting for Willy. She was HORRIFIED!!

Oh, I know she looks happy enough in this picture, but let me tell you she was not a happy camper. As she later told me I completely embarassed her. First, it is bad enough that your MOM has to take you to school, but then she is taking pictures of you on top of it?!?! OHHH the Indignity of it all!!! So here you go Jade - I love you and I'm just proud that you are going to college!
A few days later Jack started Pre-School at Miss Hollie's Happy Hive Preschool. He goes 3 days a week and LOVES it so far.

On the morning that he was to start school he woke up and wanted to wear some of his new school clothes. I explained that his school clothes would be a little hot for that day, but he insisted.

As he was getting dressed Madeline came in and demanded to know where HER school clothes were. I had a feeling that this would happen since she has been talking non-stop about when SHE is going to go to school with Jack and when SHE starts school, etc. So I had bought her a new little outfit as a little bit of "screaming, meltdown, fit insurance". We got everyone dressed and avoided any major mishaps that morning.
Jack was only too happy to have his picture taken and didn't even seem to mind that Madeline insisted on being in every single picture since she thought that she would be going to school too.

When we pulled up to let Jack out, Madeline started saying "let me out, I'm going to school too!" "Unbuckle me!" She was very angry that I would not let her go with Jack. She thinks that she is his equal.

When Jack got out of the car I asked him if he wanted me to walk him up to the door and he said "Nah, I can do it." He then started to run across the lawn and then it was like he suddenly remembered that he needed to be cool and started to walk again. It was cute.

All that morning as we were running errands she kept saying "let's go find Jack". She really missed him, only if it was for 2 1/2 hours.

And then it hit me that before I know it, I will be sending Jack off to college. Who knows, maybe I'll drive him to school on HIS first day of college and take his picture.


Michal said...

i love that you have some in preschool and some in college. although i can't believe that jade is really that old. yikes!
it's hard to be the youngest and always miss out on the big kid stuff. but at least you get to be the one to comfort mom in her loneliness with all the other kids off at school. what will you do when there's no baby or toddler around?

The Red Hen said...

OHH the things I will do! I have a list a mile long. Seriously, I will probably be soo lonely. You get so used to having someone around all the time and then it is really weird to have time to yourself for a change. I went through the same thing after McKenna passed away. Although I think it was harder then. But all things considered I'm pretty happy with my place in life right now regardless of how crazy it is at times!