Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yard of the Month

I know that it has been FOREVER since I have posted, but things have been crazy busy around here!

We have been working in our yard and garden and lo and behold our efforts were rewarded!! Our neighborhood homeowners association has a yard of the month program where they pick three yards each month to spotlight. I am not sure if this is to encourage others to do better or just foster competition among the neighbors! This month we were chosen along with our next door neighbor, so hopefully that will take the competition part out!

Here is the shot of our front yard.

And then since you can see my garden from the side of my house I thought I would include it as well. I love the arbor as it was a Mother's Day gift from Mark one year. Him being the Structural Engineer, he poured footings for it and anchored it into the ground - I'm telling you that thing is STURDY!!

Here is a close-up of my garden. After I planted my pumpkins (far left) Madeline came along behind me the next day and dug up most of the seeds. She was helping! So now I only have about 2 pumpkin plants, but I am sure we will get plenty of pumpkins from that.


norma-no-blog said...

Oh my "H"!!!!!. Jana - you have too much ambition! Are you on meth? Is this one of your personal goals for the summer? Good Grief!!! If ya didn't live so far away from me (7 miles) I would drive out there and see for myself. Luckily I am lazy and unmotivated so I will live through you and your blog. Thank you. Norma

The Red Hen said...

OK, the scary part here is that I really LIKE to garden. I gives me peace. . . . until my children find me and start with the "Mom! Mom! Mooom! Where are you?!?!" Then all the peace is gone baby gone!

iamwonderwoman said...

You always have the most beautiful yards. Congratulations on your award!

Michal said...

your yard is beautiful. i like working in the vegetable garden (something that i just discovered this year) but not the yard. can you come help with ours, please? i'm afraid we be given the "eyesore of the neighborhood" award, since we've had a fence half finished for months now. sigh.

Doreen said...
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