Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surfing on the Lake

One of the great things about living on the lake is you have lots of friends that have boats. Our friends Eric and Minnette have a boat that you can surf behind. It has tanks that fill with water from the lake along with some "fat sacks" that you pump water into that sit on your seats on one side so that you can get a bigger wake.

On one hot day in July we went out for a quick surf. Mark was out first. He hasn't surfed very much but claims it's pretty easy. (I have yet to try it).

Here he is getting a feel for the water.

Trying to find the "sweet spot" so he can throw the rope into the boat and really surf.

He tossed the rope, but can't quite hang on - he's on his way down in this pic. Bummer, try again.

Now our friend Eric gets out. But wait, he's got company. This is Alli - she just turned 3 and loves to surf with her Dad. Notice how she is hanging onto his life jacket while he tosses the rope.

Oh yeah, catching some waves on Utah Lake!

Alli gives it a thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

that is awesome! I cant believe the kid thats so brave!

Lady Jady! said...

oh man! that looks fun! tell dad to get good so he can hold me like Eric holds Ali! ;)